Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pimp my ride

I went to some op shops today (again) down in Long Jetty. It is really turning into a cool vintage op shop hub up there, there is a great new cafe called "Glass onion" and I wanted to take everything they had and put it in my house.
But anyway I found this pram, well Ruby did there were 2 and I opted for the light pink and purple one instead of the brink pink one. Ruby didn't care all she wanted to do was push it around. So I bought it for $2, and Ruby was extremely happy and pushed up the street. I began thinking of how I could change it to get rid of all the tacky Bratz logo's all over it.
 Before, not bad for $2.
 And after, Morrissey is loving his new ride. (can you tell Dad is a Smiths fan?)

 I covered the wheels with this Holly Hobby wrapping paper. The circles around each picture were the exact same size as the wheels. How nice is the paper? I love it.

I went back to Hobby Sew and bought some more fabric, I made Ruby some new happy pants for this odd weather we are having. So I used some of it as I thought it kind of matched the pram. I traced the old seat cover and cut out a new one, I also made some bias binding to sew around the outside of it.
I am pretty happy with it and got it all done and doing the post for it and Ruby is still sleeping, so quite quick and easy really.
Maybe you might want to pimp your child's ride too.

Em xx


  1. Looks awesome! Where abouts are the best op shops in Long Jetty? Xoxo

  2. The pram was from The Smith family at Bateau Bay, its quite a good one. Then the others I went to are around the junction of Central Coast Hwy and Thompson Street in Long Jetty. Its such a cute area of the coast now, I am glad there are some cool things popping up than just shopping centers. Hope this helps, happy hunting x


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