Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A bit of this and that

I officially feel old, but I think it maybe tiredness with the lack of sleep for the past 18 months. My lovely man and I went to Laneway in Sydney on the weekend. Now I love a music festival and it was a beautiful day for it, but we left around 7.30pm. Festival Fail I would say, but I had a wonderful night sleep and a rare sleep in as Ruby was at my Dad's. It was a great day with a fun atmosphere and short skirts and shorts as far as the eye can see. Yesterday I found myself checking out the line up for Groovin the Moo for Maitland, could we do it I thought. Chris was quite excited with the fact he could see Andrew WK, we will see.
My new finds for the week.

 A lovely new tablecloth, not very soft but for $4 why not. I was more in love with the colours.
 New beads, I have a grey dress and I had been looking for some bright necklaces to go with it. I was looking for these colours too, They are the same and found them in 2 different shops, I am going to make them longer I think.
 Hobby Sew opened at Erina on the weekend. My partner in crafty crime Larissa and I went and I picked up some cute florals. I am not sure what to make yet, but I might add them to my little on going project.
Which is this, I started this scrappy quilt with just my off cuts. But them I started adding more fabric as I loved how it was looking. It is just getting bigger, and whats great about it is you can just add to it with anything. It has a bit of all my favourite material in it. It may just get massive or be bigger than Ruby's cot ones.

Em xx

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