Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Boy

On the weekend my man had his birthday, we had the day together on Saturday and enjoyed sushi for lunch, saw "the Descendants" and then went and watched the Central Coast Mariners. So it was a nice day to ourselves, a little rarity. I made him a few gifts which he actually really liked and loved that they had a bit of thought put into them.
 I picked this material up for $5 a few weeks ago at the Salvo's. I thought it was quite cool so I made him another pair of shorts.
 I put a whole heap of his gig tickets into a frame, it was like a trip down memory lane. Except he couldn't remember all of them as he had had a few. I love that on one of the stubs Coldplay are at the bottom of the bill, he said there was only about 10 people there. I think they get a few more people now though.
 Being a pre-school teacher I cant help but take photo's of Ruby doing things. So she did him a lovely collage and I took some photo's and framed it, he just loved this one.

Ruby couldn't miss out, she got a new pair of happy pants and a cute bow.

Em xx

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