Friday, January 20, 2012

Pregnancy Diary

Not for me, this is what I made my sister for her birthday. She is 13 weeks and I cant wait to be an Aunty, and for Ruby to have a little first cousin (she already has 3 but they are in their late 20's and 30's). So my sister said she was looking at the diary's in Kikki K, but they where expensive and very uninspiring. So I bought an A5 folder and made a cover and found some nice things to fill it with.
I used some different materials and found the inspiration from Meet me at Mikes.
 I added some inside pockets for pen's and a small pad.
 I printed out the calender for My Owl Barn. I used it as dividers for the months and put in diary pages in each month for appointments, scan photos etc.
 A back pocket too
 I slide in a small note book in the back
I put a button and elastic to close it together, it isn't too big so she can put it in her bigger handbag, and in the future she could use it again for something else.

Em xx


  1. This is so lovely and personal. I customise all my journals and love what you've done with the fabric and calendar and the different patterns. Wonderful as always Emma :)


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