Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Man Shorts

The other day my great Aunty gave me some old sheets that used to be my Nanna's. She new that out of me, my brother and sister I would be the one who would like them. There was 2 pink floral and 2 blue floral and then a blue check sheet. So I thought I would make Chris some around the house shorts. I used the comfy pants pattern from "Sew La Tea Do". I just made the pattern a bit smaller, I used elastic that was again my Nanna's that mum gave me that was in a box full of old sewing bits and bobs. So all up these shorts cost me $0.
 They even have pockets, which is great for keeping his phone in away from little miss.
 And because they were for a man, I thought it would be best to put in a tag at the back. Just to make it easier for him when putting them on, so they aren't worn back to front.
I made this a while ago, it's a new little plastic purse made from some of my vintage sheets and some Bambi fabric. I made a handle for this one, basically I use this daily when I am out with Ruby. It is full of my cards, money phone etc, I can put it in my stroller or pop it in a bigger bag. When I walk Ruby into the shops she likes to carry it, hence the added strap. And when I am by myself it fits perfectly into my hand bags. It is just very handy.
I am finally getting my craft on after a slow start to the new year.
Em xx

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