Monday, January 16, 2012

Clear toy storage bags

I found this tutorial last week and I just had to make these. After Christmas and saying we weren't going to get much for Ruby, she still some how managed to get lots of things. I think it wasn't so much lots of toys, but toys with lots of bits ie, tea sets, Lego, puzzles etc. So when I found the tutorial I got sewing, as I have a new found love of sewing with plastic. They are not too hard to make, the only thing I suggest when sewing with plastic is use little craft wooden pegs, or paper clips. Pin's just put holes in the plastic and is more difficult, pegs are easy.
I made 2, a bigger and a smaller one. Ruby enjoys just carrying them around with her. I love them as you can see whats in them at a quick glance.

 This one I made the draw string with matching bias material.
But the second one I couldn't be bothered and used some coloured ribbon, and is actually easier to open.
So thanks to Pinterest I have made something fun and practical, I feel more just might be made. They don't need to be just for kids, they could hold make up, be used as a little toiletry bag, a peg bag, for sewing, crochet, knitting...... the possibilities. Happy sewing.

Em xx

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