Friday, January 27, 2012

Another skirt

Here is a new skirt that I have just made, I have had the material for a while now. So with the humid weather upon us I decided to finally make it so I had something else to wear. The fabric is a floral Lawn from Spotlight, it was on special when I got it so it was a bit cheaper. I didn't use a pattern, I used about a meter and a half in length and then cut off the bottom for the length of the skirt. I put in box pleats and a zipper at the back, I then trimmed the fabric at the back of the skirt so it was the right size. Except I still always make them a tiny bit big, oh well.

Notice a little someone getting in on this photo, you can see the pleats better here.

I bought the belt today for 50c and thought it matched quite well. I am going to make Ruby a skirt or dress with the left overs (we wont be wearing them on the same day, my Nanna did that with my Mum when she was little. Mum remembers she hated it)
Have a lovely weekend
Em xx

1 comment:

  1. oh i love it. the fabric is so pretty and it looks really comfortable. clever lady! have a happy weekend. xo


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