Monday, October 31, 2011

Plastic pillow slip Bag

So with being computer less during the day now, I have been sewing more. I began making this on the weekend and finished it yesterday. With all the lovely weather I thought I would make a new day bag for Ruby's bits and bobs on our trips out. I have used more of the pillow slips I bought a little while ago. I also used some of the cotton lace, and an old Dollie with some vintage button's, and of course plastic.
 I love the green material in the middle, it isn't from a pillow slip. It is some of the fabric I am using on my quilt I am working on.
 Pillow slip lining also
Another cheap bag made, I got a bit inspired after watching the documentary "making it handmade" that was on a couple of months ago. I kind of felt bad buying material after watching it, so I went out and found nice materials in bedding in op-shops and so far I have made about 4 things with them.
I think I might have a few Christmas present ideas now after my mum and sister wanted to keep this bag today.
Em xx

For the twins

I have finally finished all my little gifts for our friends who are having twin boys in December. I made a big plastic purse using  vintage robot designed fabric, it's big for 2 lots of nappies and all the other things you need for a nappy change whilst out. I also made some iron on's and made some band t-shirts, they are going to be 2 rocking little boys in these.

 I couldn't not make these little shoes, I just love them. I used a jersey fabric to try something different, I love the designs on them too.
Here are the rattles from the crochet book I got the other week. I am so happy with them, I just wish I had made them for Ruby. I think more will be made soon, they are really quite easy to make.
I love making things for babies now days, my good friend is having a girl in Feb. I think I might go mad with quilts and bunting and crocheted toys, not to mention making little tiny dresses for summer. Ruby was a winter baby and rugged up all the time so you couldn't see what she was wearing.
On another note sad news, my computer died. Now I have no Internet during the day, but it also means I have had more time to sew and not spending endless hours on Pinterest when Ruby is asleep.
Em xx

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick and easy treats

As I have a fussy eater in the form of a 14 month old, I have to get creative with cooking for her. I made these by accident and she loved them more than the original dish I was making. I was filling puff pastry with an egg combination and had more egg left over so put them in the muffin tin and made little frittata's. She didn't eat the pastry ones but loved the egg ones, so I made more the next day. In a 12 mini muffin tin I used 2 eggs, grated cheese, spinach and ham and cooked for 10-15 min's. And Ruby loves them so I'm happy too.
 They are also very easy to eat.
With Mondays heat wave I needed a cold drink. I blended ice, frozen berries and orange juice in the bullet blender and bingo bango, an ice crusher cheap and easy. I have only ever used the blender for Ruby's pureed food and bread crumbs. So I am now thinking of adding a cheeky shot of vodka for the next ones, oh the possibilities.
Em xx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheap handmade Clothes

First of all, please excuse the bad photo's. I have finally made my skirt with the $2 fabric I picked up at the Salvo's the other week. So with the zipper it cost me $3 to make, I made it from this tutorial it is pretty easy to make. I added some white lace under the band when sewing it to the skirt which I quite like. The lace was in a bag with some others I got for 50c, there is loads left.
 I am not one for short skirts, so I made it just the length I wanted it with a bigger hem.
 I didn't sew in the zipper as neat as I would have liked, but I really couldn't be bothered to unpick it and you cant tell much anyway.
 Next up Ruby, I made he some little shorts yesterday. They were meant to have elastic at the bottom of them but when I put them on her they seemed big so I put green bias binding around the bottom instead. These were made from a $2 pillow slip I also bought also the other week.
So cheap clothes for Ruby and I for around $5.
Em xx

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bit of this and that

I went to Sydney last week with Ruby, we met Chris for lunch and then we headed off into town. First stop my favourite shop Kinokuniya in the TGV where you can find the most amazing craft books. I have bought a few felt books from there but my new obsession is crochet. We looked around some other shops and spent time in Hyde park, where those big white birds and the black beaks stole Ruby's food from her hand. They are scary and understandably Ruby was freaked right out. It was a nice day but I wont be doing it in a hurry again though.
 Here is the new book
 And here are some things I am making from it. They will be 2 rattles for the our friends twins, due very soon. I have also been getting creative with some iron on transfers for some tops for them.
 My Uncle passed away last year and we have been sorting though everything ever since. It is a very big job and still on going. He lived a bit differently to most people, out in the bush no running water. He had a very cool music collection going on up there and we have brought back a banjo, bass and other bits. This is his old record player, it is quite cool so it is out on show now along with the retro orange set. Along with my little robot collection, it looks quite cool.
I made some play dough for Ruby to play with this morning, we sat outside and played with it as it was so lovely. This was Ruby's first time with it and of course the taste test came, kids will naturally eat this stuff. Even when she spat it out she went in for more. I used the recipe from the cream of tartar box, now I have used this one for years and it is the best. If you are ever put off making it because of the cooking part, my tip is use boiling water and mix it up in a bowl. It works the same as cooking and is soooo much easier. I also used quarter of the recipe as I am making it for one. Worked well.
Have a great weekend
Em xx

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fabric Envelope

On Sunday my step brother got married. It was the perfect day and the wedding was at McKell Park at Darling Point with not a cloud in the sky. With most wedding's having wishing wells, I decided to make them a fabric envelope so they could always keep it. I put their names and the date on it.
 Here is the front
 I lined it with a pretty floral and used an old button to close it with
 This is the card I made
 I got the felt out and made Ruby and I some felt flowers for our hair. For the middle of the flowers I used old button's and pearls, mine was on a head band and I made to small flowers on either side of the felt flower with ribbon.
Ruby in her dress and trainers, it looked quite cute, and her pretty shoes kept coming off so I stopped worrying about them and put on the Cons.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The week so far

 I have begun cutting out my squares for my new quilt, it is going to be big and for me. I am going to try a triangle design this time with green and yellow floral's and grey linen.
 Found these for $2 each, the stripey one is going to be a skirt for me and the corduroy will be a few dresses I think, there is about 2 meters, good for next winter.
 More crochet, I am happy with the apple. Not sure with the carrot, It was a Mollie Makes pattern but I couldn't quite understand it but I just gave it a go anyway.
 My new peg bag, I am not happy with this either but it is just for the pegs so I don't mind.
 My laundry is beginning to look prettier by the day.
 Always investigate when your child goes very quiet, wipes anyone?

Chris's Mum and Dad are coming in a few weeks from the UK so I thought I best do something about our little back yard. Here is a before and after, we don't use it as it gets no sun and not so safe for Ruby. But in summer it is nice and cool out there so we thought we will use it a bit more this year. Weeds be gone and next we are going to attack it with the old high pressure water cleaner. Cant wait I love those things, love watching the cement change back to its original colour. I might even hang some bunting in the yard to make it a bit special.
Em xx

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Re purpose

Another pillow slip that I got last week has been turned into a bag for my wool. I have had these cane handles for ages so I thought I would use them. The pom pom braid came from my mum, she
gave me a box the other day full of old braids and ric rac (score). I thought it was a nice touch to jazz it up a bit.

 Here it is full of wool for my crochet, it is a bit easier to take with me around the house.
 And this is what I have been making, some sunburst circles. It is the pattern from Mollie Makes, although I didn't get that copy after scouring the net I found this pattern and just translated it. I am happy with how it is going, it is what I do whilst watching telly at night.
 Re purpose number 2, I covered an old formula tin with some material. I sewed the edges and stuck it down with double sided tape and then glued the last edge down, simple. Then I crocheted some more balls from this pattern. I made a few and found they are quite easy and quick to knock up.
 I love the coloured ones.
And its purpose, fun for posting and collecting. Also I have old plastic bottle tops inside for different sounds. Ruby is very much into taking things out and putting them back at the moment. And a cheap and easy hand made toy is often the best. The tin didn't have to be covered and any kind of ball and bottle top could be used, even rolled up socks, but I like to make things a bit special and pretty.
Em xx

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Long Weekend

We wanted to go away for the long weekend but we couldn't find a place to stay and then all of a sudden the weekend was just here, so we made the most of it at home. We were kind of glad we didn't go away as the weather was terrible but we luckily were able to make the most of Saturday before the rain. We went to Newcastle to the Olive Tree markets, they are so lovely and we then spent the rest of the day in Newcastle.
The rest of the weekend consisted of me sewing and Chris watching the Football (the English one) and Ruby walking around like she owns the place.
 I made an apple, I made a pear and a bigger apple but haven't taken a photo of then. I gave this one to my mum.
 Here is my score from the markets and Darby Street. All up it cost me $22, I was quite happy with that. The brooch and necklace is from the markets, the stickers and ring are from Blackbird Corner I am going to put the stickers in Ruby's room. And the Frankie was $2 and the book shop. Can I just say I love Darby Street, it is so funky with great cafes and awesome eclectic shops.
 Sunday night I went out to dinner with some friends. It was one of my friends Birthday so I made her these. I made her a plastic purse and a felt Jeff Martin from the Tea Party (her fave band and singer).
                                                                                                   I used one of my new pillow slips to make a plastic bag caddy. As you can see it has made a nice a tidy difference in my laundry.

Our converse trainers collection that grows. Not sure what the total number of pairs that are in the house, but I think it might be 8.
Em xx
Hope everyone had a nice weekend also.
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