Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More thrifting goodness

This morning Ruby and I went out earlier than usual and went to the op shops in Woy Woy. It was sweet as it is school holidays and all the grandparents are out with the grand kids. They have their pocket money to spend and are picking up some great finds for 50c, and fighting with their siblings over who found the coolest toy first and learning what "dust gatherer's" are. Also what I do miss is kids conversations, they really have the best stories and I was laughing to myself whilst walking around listening to them.
 Anyway great finds again today.
 More pillow cases and sheets with lovely floral prints.
 Floral material and some lovely lace.
And some lovely embroided mats, everything was $8.50 total. Gotta love that.
Em xx

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Op shop things

Yesterday I went to another Salvo's and was so happy to find some great floral things. I don't often find nice floral prints, but everywhere I turned yesterday I found another one.
The 2 pillow cases were $2 each, but the massive bed sheet was also $2. So I was very happy with it, and it has great colours.

 These 2 cute purses I found stuffed at the back of the bags and they were $1 each. Never can you have enough little purses.
 I love Christmas and I am looking forward to it more this year as Ruby is going to be older and will enjoy it more. I found these yesterday at the shops, I really could have done with them when it was Ruby's Birthday party last month. And yes, Christmas stuff is already out in the shops.
 Here is Ruby in her cot, I have her new Hankie quilt in there now and she has my cot sheets from when I was a baby. ( if you have noticed Ruby has 2 dummies, this isn't the norm I have no idea where she found the other one).
Lastly, a cup of tea and some Turkish Delight.
Em xx

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sprocket Pillow

I found this pattern Here a little while ago and finally made it the other day. I decided to make it like the colour wheel, I thought it would be helpful in teaching Ruby colours. She really loved it so I think it will be hers to use and play with.

I love how bright and colourful it is, and it is a nice little size. I made the smallest one, but there are 2 sizes to  make in the pattern. 
Here is the back and the edging of it. It is a nice little cushion on both sides.
Em xx

Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer clothes

Another week without posts, well done me. Last weekend I spent Saturday running around Sydney doing the Amazing race, it was for my soon to be sister in laws Hen's. I was so sore afterwards, but we came second and we had loads of fun. And I now wear glasses, not all the time mainly for driving and the TV. It is so nice not to squint all the time and everything is just so crisp, its amazing.
I have decided to try and go the whole summer without buying any new clothes, this is with the exception of underwear and a pair of swimmers (I don't fancy second hand undies thanks). So I will make my clothes or wear op shop finds. So to start the season off I found this dress for $7 at my Salvos. I loved the floral print and the colours in it, after I tried it on Chris said he liked it in a weird way. But it is 100% polyester so I turned it into a skirt.
 This is the dress before
 And here it is as a skirt, I really couldn't be bothered to model it. All I did was cut it off at the waist and sew a new seam and add elastic. It looks nice with a thick brown belt and singlet.
 I am loving the Peter Pan collars at the moment. This is an old black singlet that I had, I made a collar and sewed it onto the singlet and added a cute bow button as a feature. I really love it now, a nice change to an old top. 
 It is my lovely friend Larissa's birthday on Sunday, and the lucky thing has gone to Melbourne for the weekend. So I gave her her present early, I made her a little purse for her crocheting. The pattern is from a project in Sew Darn Cute. I used an old dress I found at the Salvo's, it didn't fit but the material was lovely. I added some matching button's lace and I made a small crochet flower.
I changed the inside by putting a zippered section in. Now she has a crochet caddy for her crocheting on her daily commute to Sydney. I think I might make myself one now. 

And finally little miss at Terrigal Beach. The weather is getting warmer and Ruby now loves the sand. She is also beginning to walk, slowly but she hasn't perfected the safe fall yet. At the moment she just falls backwards, so we have to walk behind her.
Have a lovely weekend
Em xx

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I thought I would share with you my new babysitter, Gotye, yes that's right Gotye. I was a fan of the song and was listening to it on youtube one day and Ruby became transfixed with it. Now Ruby has never taken an interest to the TV, the only time she looks at it is if there is a song on that she can move to. This is quite often in the form of a jingle, the opening credits to the news or The Mighty Boosh when they crimp.
She loves music and loves it when Chris plays the guitar to her and she can have a good old dance. But this video clip is quite possibly the best thing ever. In the evening when I am getting the dinner ready I play it twice for her. I then have 8 min's to cut up veggies and prepare some food. Whilst it's on Ruby will just sit and watch it so carefully, she dances when the music gets louder and it is very cute to watch. It captivates her like the piped Piper, when I was moving the laptop she began trying to hum the song and began clapping wanting me to put it on. Even when you sing the song for her she loves it. I think it sounds a bit like twinkle twinkle little star, and she loves that song.
So if you have a little one get them in front of the computer and see if they have the same response to it as my Ruby.

                                                                           Em xx

Monday, September 12, 2011


Wow, a whole week without a post. I didn't do much last week in the way of sewing. Let me think we had a 1st birthday party, fun at Terrigal Beach, Father's Day. Chris and I forgot we had booked tickets to see Louis C K and the Opera House. So on Sunday afternoon we went down to Sydney for that, it was nice to have a night out. We are a fan of Louis but I have to say he was very rude, I suppose if you don't mind that kind of humour you would enjoy it.
Ruby enjoyed going to one of those children play centres with Mother's group, I have to say I enjoyed it too. We finally got Foxtel, and I had my eyes tested and need glasses. The 2 go together well as I struggle to see the TV. So unfortunately I have been watching the English soaps that I miss and watching all the cake shows, and the Gypsy wedding show isn't going to watch itself. I don't watch TV during the day, I sew or go out and clean. We got it for the English Football season for Chris, I brought him back from England and he misses his football so now he can watch all the Liverpool games.
 Here is Ruby enjoying the bubbles.
 Since watching Foxtel I have been doing more crocheting, now we have more coasters. So I suppose at least I have been doing something creative.
 So this weekend I have been doing more sewing, and yes more shoes. These are Pip's shoes from Meet me at Mikes, they are a little bit small now for her so I made the pattern a little bit bigger. I also used the soft suede for the soles and put the padding between the layers for extra softness.
 I loved Ruby's shoes so much I thought why don't I make my own. I made the pattern by tracing around my own shoes and creating the pattern like that. They also have the padding and suede on the soles.
And I added some little bows, they are great for around the house and quite comfy. I added some elastic to the back so they don't slip off my feet.
Have a lovely week
Em xx

Friday, September 2, 2011

Waste not, want not

I don't like waste, I never have. I don't like throwing away scrap material unless there is really nothing left of it, but even then I would cut them up and take them to pre-school for my kids to use for collage. So I wanted to make a lining mat for Ruby's stroller.
 This is my off cut box, Ruby loves getting into it and often my craft nook looks like a bomb has gone off after Ruby has been playing up there with me.
 And here is my new lining. I just sewed lots of pieces together until it all was the right size.
 I also used off cuts of batting from quilting and sewed them together to fit, just so it is a bit comfy for Rubes. I also made some loops with velcro to attach it to the stroller.
 And the back is this mushroom material. It is reversible also so if I fancy a change I can. I made big button holes for the straps to go through. This is my new stroller which I bought on the net and had delivered to the UK. It cost about $70 and I love it. I love that it is purple, and I haven't seen any around and especially for that price. I made a sling out of an old bassinet sheet to carry Ruby in to England then brought the stroller back.
I made some coconut biscuits, they are pretty good and super easy to make.
Have a great weekend
Em xx
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