Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Shoes

Another little project from Meet me at Mikes, I have been wanting to make these before Ruby was born. They fit her, but only just. They match her skirt I made, I really love these two fabrics together as I love red. I think they are a bit cute, and I am going to make some more for all the babies that are going to be born soon and next year (not mine).

Here is Ruby with her little shoes and her matching skirt and her new jacket, she looks a bit like the 5th member of Cold Play.
Em xx

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Learning to Crochet (again)

When I was younger we used to go on holidays to my Aunty's place in Pacific Palms. Her mum crocheted and when we went up she used to teach me. When I got home I would feverishly be crocheting and experimenting. I made copious granny squares and lots of differently designed chunky doilies. But as I got older, I seemed to have forgotten the skill. Lately I have been wanting to give it a go again and learn how to do amigurumi as they are just too damn cute. So with the wonder of you tube I have taught myself how to crochet (again). Here is what I have made...
 I started with a granny square then did some hearts. I found the wool I used was so lovely and soft, but hard to work with.
 After working out the single crochet I found this pattern here. Mine is a bit smaller, but I was happy with how it turned out. I used a cotton and found it easier to use and it was tighter.
 Here it is with some other similar coloured things.
 Now this is the best one, I am so happy with how it turned out. I found the pattern here.I learnt to increase and decrease stitches. Now I have confidence with it I am going to make some rattles, as I have 3 Friends with a total of 4 babies on the way. So lots of hand made coming their way. But in the mean time Ruby gets more toys.
Here they are together, and yes I also made a little ball. That one is for Chris, I am sure there will be more of them by the end of the week.
Yay for new skills.
Em xx

Friday, July 22, 2011

When it rains, get sewing

This weather of late is terrible, some days I just cant be bothered to leave the house as it is just constant rain. So I have been doing a spot of sewing.
 I made Ruby another skirt, I used a mixture of red designs. I love red and I thought this can be worn in Summer and Winter with a pair of tights. I think she looks a bit cute in it.
 For Ruby's birthday soon I want to give her party a woodland theme. So I made a big mushroom, I also made a small one and it is also a little house. I haven't finished it yet so here is the big one. I want to make more now, but what purpose will they serve after being used as party decorations? I really enjoy making them too.

Now after making so many felt cakes, I decided to try a fabric one. I gave it to Ruby and she just tried to remove the strawberry, maybe when she is older she will enjoy them more.
Em xx

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a quick post

I love to Blog now I am not working and being a full time Mum. As my profession before being a Mum was a Pre-school teacher, you could see why I am in no rush to go back in to the work force. Although I am wanting to study again and become a "Visual Merchandiser", but in the mean time I am making things and blogging them. 
After starting to Blog, my man Chris (who is a Data Analyst and hates his job with a passion) decided to start Blogging too. Like me he is creative, but with writing and music ( hence our growing musical instrument collection). We both love an op shop and whilst in London we used to play a game, we still do. Without hesitation we are off to see who can win. It isn't as fun when I am by myself, but I still find myself playing the game and letting Ruby know instead. The game is "Spot the Da Vinci Code".
As I mentioned Chris has a Blog, and he has written about our game, I found it funny when I read it and thought I would share it with you.
His Blog is called "My name is Spod"
please enjoy
Em xx

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New old stuff

Here are my recent op shop buys.
 I found this yesterday at Vinnie's for $3, I love the art work on it. As I am not sure what "Mace" is in the spice world, I thought I may use it to store my sewing bits in it.
Here is my $60 buffet and I love it. We have put all the books and cords and bits and bobs we don't want Ruby to reach in it, and it makes the house a bit tidier. I love a good storage solution.
Em xx

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Norah Head Lighthouse

We went for a drive up to the northern parts of the Coast on Saturday to see the Lighthouse at Norah Head. After driving past it as we missed the sign, and an hour of driving in circles later, we found it. It was an over cast afternoon with the clouds rolling in, which I think made it look really nice.
 Here it is with the ships in the background and the ominous looking clouds.

 We didn't walk down onto the rocks below as we had Ruby. Although Ruby did do some walking along the path. We took the stroller but she refused to be sat in it, instead she had to be carried or do the walking herself.
Love those clouds.
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Em xx

Friday, July 15, 2011

More hand made for Ruby

I thought I would post some more things I have made for Ruby. I made this top and trousers a while ago, and as she had them on today I thought I would show you. I made her a top similar seen here, for this one I made some owls in a tree with added buttons for apples.
 I used some material I had with owls and mushrooms on them, then made a tree. The top was a cheapo from Big W.
 I made these trousers or Yoga pants from Meet Me at Mikes, I added some pink spotty material as I ran out of the floral. She has another pair that are Blue with stars. They are comfy and easy to make.
 I made this head band today and was so happy with it that I am going making more to sell soon. I have taken to putting Ruby in head bands as sooo many people think she is a boy! even when she had a pink dress on. I dress her a lot in green and grey with her trainers, so I thought the head band would help. Can you believe, she is 1 next month!
I took a quick snap of my morning tea table for Mothers Group at my house on Tuesday. I used my collection of old saucers, tea cups and plates. I am still eating the left overs, but they do go lovely with a cup of tea.
I missed out on the little cupboard at the Salvo's last week, but yesterday I picked up a great retro buffet that I have been wanting. I found one that was a bit better before we went to London, but it was the day before we left and I couldn't work out how I would get it home. So when I found this one I quickly snapped it up for $60. When I clean it and get it in the house I will post a pick.
Happy weekend to all, not sure what I will do, maybe go up to Norah Head light house.
Em xx

Monday, July 11, 2011

More fabric Strawberries

A while ago I made a fabric strawberry seen here, as I have made loads from felt. Using my scrap left over fabric I made some more for Ruby. So now she has 6 cute little Strawberries, she loves to throw things and these are the perfect size for her Little hands to pick up and throw. I figure later on she can use them for pretend play when she is older.
 Here they are.
 I put them in a box with her other hand made little toys.
I love Hot Dollar shops, and I found these 2 cute little boxes. I was impressed with how nice the designs are. The animal box is for Ruby, I have been putting the Strawberries in it and it is helping her work out how to open things to find out whats inside.
Em xx

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's quilt time

For my Birthday my mum and sister bought me quilting needs, in the form of a ruler, mat and rotary cutter. I have always borrowed mum's, so it is nice now to have my own. So I have been cutting out material, and adding to my square collection. I have nearly enough to sew this one together, just need to cut a couple more squares. I love a quilt as you can keep all your lovely bits of material altogether and look at them in a group, otherwise they are kept in a cupboard and you dont really get to look at them.
 This is not going to be very big, I may add multiple boarders to make it bigger.
 Here are my new tools, and here are my new bits of prettiness. I went to Wyong to the quilt shop, after what seemed like ages, and many decission changes later, this is what I bought. I think these will make a lovely quilt, I will get some more though. I think I will make it for myself, not Rubes.
 I made this cushion cover with old bits of left over floral material.
Another trip to the Salvos, found this cute pig tin tray for $2. I also found a small cupboard for $10, perfect for storage and to keep things out of reach of little miss. Only I didn't take the car it was lovely weather for a walk, tomorrow morning I will head down and get it if it still there. Also off to Long Jetty to visit the op shops down there, so watch this space for any finds.
Em xx

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just some things....

The other day I went down to the Salvo's and what did I find.... but this mini drum kit for $30! Lucky I have my new car and quickly bought it before they changed their mind on the price. We have a growing number of instruments in our house, with guitar's, banjo's, harmonica's, ukulele's and now a drum kit. Basically if Ruby doesn't like music or crafting she is going to have 2 very unhappy parents.
 We don't have any sticks, but this wooden spoon works a treat. She is really enjoying it, we have a feeling we might regret this purchase at a later date.
 I came across this old mirror at my Uncles house. I added some colours beads and a felt flower, cute.
 Whats better than one Made by White Deer Brooch......two deer brooches. The girls are so lovely, my order got a bit mixed up, so instead of me sending one back they said I could keep it and sent me a new one. So lovely of them, my sister and I bought more things from them in the sale and now they have more brooches which you can see here. Pay pal might strike again!
 Here are my mini felt cakes on a cake stand
On Saturday afternoon we went down to Terrigal and walked around the Haven, I took this photo at sunset. Just so lovely.
Em xx
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