Thursday, April 28, 2011

Felt Ice cream

Here is a felt Ice cream cone that I made from one of the patterns from my new felt books. I changed it a bit to how I wanted it to look. Strawberry ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce, a dollop of cream with a strawberry and a chocolate wafer.
Em xx

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I LOVE Felt books

It has to be said, I love felt and felt books. My obsession started whilst doing my Child Care Diploma and we had to make a felt piece to go with a song. I chose "Three blind mice", I was fresh out of high school and after doing art throughout and looking back at some of the things I did, I had macabre tendencies in some of my work. It nearly came through with my felt piece, but I had to stop myself from putting blood dripping from the old ladies carving knife. But the mice did have a snazzy pair of sun glasses and white canes as they were blind, and detachable tails for when they were to be cut off.
I was proud of my work and set out making many felt board stories which I still use to this day. I had to cull down my felt puppets, but donated them to Pre-schools I worked at. Whilst in England the kids loved my "Wombat Stew" felt story, and was proud they were learning the Aussie animals through my work. When I find them I will post them on.
So I thought that I would show you my books. Mainly because 2 of them I have been waiting for and the postman just popped them at my door. Very Excited, and one of them I bought on the weekend. Enjoy.

This book started me off, I found it at a little book shop in Putney. I have made lots of the little creatures from it.

This is my favourite as it got me into making cakes and sweets.

My dear friend Larissa gave me this for Christmas. It is pretty damn cute.

This is the one I got on the weekend. It is all in Japanese but I get the gist of how to make the things. It is from Kinokuniya in the TGV in Sydney, quite possibly my favourite book shop. They had loads of felt books, It was hard to choose just one.

And these babies came this morning, gasp, cup of Tea and a good look through will be had now. I love Amazon, but I don't like that they have made Borders close.

Em xx

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. It has been nice for me spending time with my lovely man and little Ruby with my family. Even better with an extra day off thrown in.
I didn't do eggs this year, instead I made some festive cup cakes. I made green icing with flake crumbled over with 2 little eggs on top. I was trying to go for a look of an Easter egg hunt in the garden.

I put them all in little yellow bags with a little green ribbon. But for my lovely friend Larissa, I decorated a cup cake box with coloured sticky tape, as I was off to her house for an Easter tea party. Just lovely.

In less than 2 weeks we are off to England, eek I am excited but also not looking forward to the flight. Flying with children was never going to be easy.

Em xx

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New skirt

Spotlight has some lovely new floral's in now, it is so hard to choose which ones I love the most. But I did decided on these yellow floral's. One is corduroy and the other is just a normal weave. I found this design here which was quite easy and with Ruby being little, I didn't need much fabric. I am really happy with how it turned out, and I think it is a bit cute. It is lined with the same fabric as the bow, which I think makes it a bit special.
And today I bought a cute dress pattern for her at an op shop for 20c. So a little dress will be next, back to deciding on more colours and patterns to make it with.

Em xx

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vintage finds

My Uncle passed away last year and our family has been clearing out his property. It is a massive task and I hadn't been able to help much due to little Ruby, and it being so far away in the bush. I have now been able to go up and my mum and I have been having a good rummage around whilst clearing everything out. There are many things from when my Mum was growing up and things from my Nanna's house. We also found he had a storage shed with many delights from my Nanna's house. I took one piece of furniture which is now my craft station. So many lovely old pieces of furniture have been found, and here are some of the little things I took.

I love this mirror, its very heavy and I think was at some stage attached to something. There were lots of saucers and this lovely Japanese sugar pot and saucers. There was also a tall teapot which I have yet to bring back, I just love the orange. And one of the best finds BUTTON'S. I cleaned them all and now they are ready to use.

I love the oldness about them, and there is even some cuff links and a pink thimble in amongst the buttons.

These are my favourite saucers.

I bought this today, as it is very similar to another plate mum gave me, it is a lovely platter.

This is my absolute favourite find, at an op shop yesterday I found this bunny vase. How can you not go past this for $3. It is great for Easter and it goes well with my other little white animals.

I do like a good op shop to find something special. And I do also like a rummage through an old shed to find little bits of special to re love in amongst all the dirt and dust.

Em xx

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Nappy Wallet

I have been making more things for Ruby this week, no surprises there. I made a new nappy purse with the plastic on the outside and lined it with plastic from a throw away tablecloth. I also made a change mat with plastic on one side and lined with some padding for comfort. But I have an unfortunate secret....... the mat doesn't fit into the purse. I was very upset with myself, but then looked on the positive side, I have a toiletry bag to take to the UK with me next month. I will have to get a new zip, a bit bigger this time.
Here they are together, i even made them matching with the red stars and red floral. Luckily I just love it.

This is the mat, and it folds up nice and neat (just not into the purse).

At 8 months now, Ruby now has a new game.... lets throw everything out of the pram. I just give her a dummy when she goes off to sleep, but I made her one of these more so it doesn't get thrown over the side of the pram. I also used it yesterday for her toys, I clip the clip to the pram and attach the toy to the Velcro loop.

I made another one purely for the toys. It has a sew together loop so I can put one of those circle rings through it and attach it to the pram, and the other end has a Velcro loop to attach the toy to, as seen above. I also put some elastic in this one.

Here it is hanging off the pram. I try not to be so gender specific so I used my robot material. And in the pram I made a seat cover with this very cute car material.

And if you are wondering what pram I have, its a Combi Well Comfort. I have to say, I rate it very highly and was the best buy. It is small and fits into small cars and into shops and buses with no problems. I have used it since birth and I love it. It is only 4kgs, but I am not taking it to the UK as I am afraid it will get trashed if I have to check it in. So I am shopping around for an umbrella stroller for the trip.

Em xx

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fox Softie

I have been wanting to make a fox for some time now. So I made one yesterday, and she is a girl in a cute dress. Here she is sitting on a log.

And here is Ruby with her new fox, have fun.

Em xx

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cake time!

Here they are in all their felty goodness, these are all my felt cakes which I have been working on. I have been working on enough to start to sell them. I thought I would take some photo's of them all together, and didn't realise how many I have actually done. I have done a combination of the two sizes, and lots of flavours and no calories.

I have a Flickr site also called "Cake time Chris" , which has loads of my felt creations to see.

Em xx
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