Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm a little Teapot

I have always wanted to make a fabric teapot, so after searching around the Internet I decided on this design. It is basically a ball with extras added, but I don't like the cup and saucer. I used loads of my off cuts of my materials, and I think they look lovely together. I have also added some other pics of some of my favourite things

I got super organised with my materials and ironed them all and put some in this box. I even ironed all my off cuts and put them in another box. I just thought I better take a photo of it as I am sure it wont be this tidy and organised again.

I love cute and funky brooches and I keep them on this little wooden tree, I love it and thought I would share it. Many of them are from Made by White who just have the cutest things, and I have just seen on their blog they are going to have new things soon. Pay pal may strike again.

I first discovered Belle & Boo at Paperchase whilst in London. I bought a whole lot of the post cards and have used them in decorating Ruby's room. Whilst searching Lark at Christmas I found myself putting the mirror's and badges in the cart. But I did give the mirrors to people for Christmas.

Lastly we have Lazy Oaf, one winters day in London I found the Lazy oaf shop in Kingsley Court in Carnaby Street. From then on I always had to go in, and I always found just too many cute things. Here are a couple of things, they have the best badges. I got the red riding hood ones and the note book and also a T shirt before Christmas. It may be a problem when I head back in May.

So here you have some of my favourite things.

Em xx

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Sister's Wedding Present

My lovely little sister got married yesterday. It was such a lovely day, and the weather was perfect. I took a few snaps of her present and card, she had a bit of a purple theme so I did the same with the present. I made it look like a wedding cake, I simply couldn't resist getting creative with it.

If you are wondering what I got them, well it was a Fuji Instax mini (they nearly didn't get it, I want it) I gave it to them early so they could take snaps on the night with it. It was great for the guest book. It is a fun little camera.
Em xx

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ruby's new things

Baby clothes cost so much now days, so I bought some cheap tops from Big W and I appliqued a cute deer onto it. I am so happy with it, although I did have a small mistake at the beginning as I forgot to put some paper behind it. But when I put some behind, it worked well and quick, I am doing a mushroom next. The best thing is they are one offs so Ruby will be the only one with a cute deer top.

Here it is on

I also made this headband for Ruby to wear to my sisters wedding. There are so many bows for girls, so I made a big flower.

I think she likes it. Sweet.
Em xx

Friday, March 18, 2011

Young & Baroque Artist Market

I love a good art market and I am very excited about going to this one on the weekend. I haven't been before, but it seems right up my alley. I have the day to myself and look forward to going up with my good friend Larissa, the only person I know who knows the joys of sorting buttons. After that we will head to Darby Street, my new favourite place with fun and quirky shops.

If you are up in Newcastle on Sunday, you should probably go and have a look, I love to promote handmade. Maybe next time I might have a stall.
Em xx

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Things

I have been making a few things this week as I have discovered that an early morning rise means getting more done. You would think that being a mum with a 7 month old, sleep isn't something I get a lot of, well I am now. Most nights 8 hours all the way through, Ruby wakes at about 6:30 for a feed then goes back to sleep for 1 and a half hours. Now this is when I am get up and do boring house stuff, so by the time her next morning sleep comes BINGO, I can start to sew or paint a chair knowing that the washing is already done.
I am in the middle of painting a chair yellow, I will post it when I am done. These are some things I have made.

It will have to be said I didn't make this. I found a pattern in one of my mum's Knitting books and asked here to knit me one. So far I have worn it as a broach, but i might make it into a necklace also.

The new plastic purse, I bought a none stick foot for the sewing machine which works a treat! I made some more of my mini bunting to decorate this one with.

I had lots of squares left over from other quilts, so I made a cushion cover and Ruby uses it whilst on the ground. The green one was from some Ikea fabric I got a while ago. It had lots of blocks in it, I already made 2 cushion covers with it and now a cute little one. I love the deers in it.
Keep on sewing
Em xx

Monday, March 7, 2011


I have made a Garter for my sister for her wedding. I made it blue, for the traditional something blue part for her. I haven't seen many nice ones about, so that's why I decided to make one. I made one for my friend a few years back, but I was a bit disappointed that she had to throw it away (well her husband did, it wasn't that she didn't like it). So I have made my sister 2, one to wear during the day and another one to be thrown to all the single men.

This is the main one. I love the cute buttons you can buy, this heart was just lovely.

This is the other one, I put a little crystal bead in the middle and not the pretty heart button.

Here they both are on a little pouch to keep them in.
Em xx

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plastic Purses

I am such a big fan of small cute purses. I find they have many uses and I have maybe too many, so I probably shouldn't have learnt how to make plastic covered ones. I made one to start with and then I made another one. I used my new material and they look more professional now. I worked out to sew in the plastic without it sticking to the presser foot. I want to use my new skills to make more and even line them with a waterproof fabric to use as a wash bag. And make better nappy purses.

These are the first 2 purses I made, I am very happy with them.

For my third one I got more creative and added the measuring tape ribbon and slipped some button's in between the plastic and material before I sewed it up.

Here they all are, I am sure this collection will get bigger soon.
Em xx

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