Friday, February 25, 2011

New Things

I have been busy sewing and I am stocking up for a market stall. When ever Ruby goes to sleep I begin sewing. I have made more Russian dolls in purple and pink, they are a little army that is growing. I am finishing at 18 for now and I have been back on the felt cakes with some new decorations.

I have been trying out some different flowers, I now have a daisy, rose and a frangipani.

Here are all the flower cakes. All of my cakes are different and none of them are the same. I also have about 13 now, with another 6 being made and they are taking over my craft nook. I am going to try and make some dottie cookies next. I have a few other designs for some different softies but you will have to wait and see.
Keep on Sewing
Em xx

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Carrot Cake

After wrapping Chris's Birthday presents, see below. I set out to make him a cake, he asked for a carrot cake so here it is. I was quite happy with its result as it was my first attempt at a carrot cake. I quite enjoyed making the carrots for the final touch, and now I want to bake some more things as I enjoy the creative part of decorating things the most. A close second is eating them of course.

Em xx

Friday, February 18, 2011

All wrapped up

Today I have been wrapping up my man Chris's birthday presents. I decided to do it a bit more creatively, and cause men don't really grow up I gave him a army theme. In amongst all of this are his presents. I had a bit of fun doing this and I am sure he will enjoy opening it all.
Happy Birthday Chris xxx

Em xxx

Monday, February 14, 2011

Banana Muffins

I was in the kitchen again and I made some Banana and white chocolate muffins, and I have to say they were quite tasty.

Em xx

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


On Sunday we went to Laneway at the Sydney College of the Arts. I was so relieved that the weather finally cooled down and I didn't have to worry about getting major sunburn. This was the first time we have been to this venue as last time we were in amongst the buildings of Sydney. It has to said it is a great place to hold it and it had a great relaxed vibe. Although we did start feeling a bit old with all the cool cats about in short shorts and so many boating shoes! but we didn't care, we got our icy cold Bulmers and headed to see "Local Natives" first. They are a favourite of mine and they didn't disappoint. The only problem I had was the set was too short. We saw "Beach House" next but I will use the word "saw" loosely, I didn't see anything but it sounded great.
We were luck enough to get right down the front for "Ariel Pink" and "Deer Hunter". I am a bit of a fan of Ariel Pink now, I loved the outfits and the way he danced about the stage in a pair of black clogs and sensible grey socks and a cute gold headband.

Here are the Local Natives

Ariel Pink, clogs not in view

Deer Hunter although none of them really looked like they wanted to be there with the drummer declaring he hated "Memory Boy"and didn't want to do it. But it filled in the last 5 mins of their set which is why they did it.
We left after them as we had to get home to our little Ruby. We have nothing coming up now, oh well. A great day was had, and my feet were incredibly dirty.
Emm xx

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Bag

I have been using an old Glasto bag to carry all Ruby's things in, and thought it was about time I made a nicer one, so here it is. I used the rabbit design from "Meet me at Mike" craft book. It is made from grey linen and even has some pockets inside to put my phone in and toys. I used some bird printed ribbon from Kikki K over the handle and some measuring tape ribbon from Typo. And it has a magnetic clip to close it, I am pretty happy with it.

What next to make?
Em xx

Friday, February 4, 2011

Material Girl

Pay Pal strikes again! I was innocently browsing the Kelani site then 2 days later these fabrics turned up at my house. I am trying to make some boy stuff so I got the Robot and car fabrics for some things, not sure what. I think more nappy purses would be good as I got some more comments on mine in the parents room at Erina Fair. I have made 7 more but need to attach the buttons.
The mushrooms I found at Spotlight the other day and I was quite impressed with it, I am in the midst of cutting out 4" squares to make a new quilt so I will use it for the backing and it was only $9.95 m.
I think I need to post more often as I have been a bit slack of late, but I have been busy. I made a little pup, the pattern was in a calender my mum got me and he is just too cute.

Who could not resist pigs and mushrooms and little bambi's?

I thought it would be nice if he had a picnic and a cup of tea.

Off to Laneway on Sunday, lets hope this heat cools slightly and its a nice day.
Em xx

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sufjan Stevens

We had our first night out on Friday without little Ruby. Our first gig for the year was to see Sufjan Stevens at the Opera House for the Sydney Festival. He performed his new album "Age of Adz". It was our second time seeing Sufjan in Sydney, and 3rd time in total, as we saw him in London a few years back. All I can say is that it was Brilliant. I am not one to write a review on it but if you would like to read one, my lovely man who nearly wet his pants in excitement as Sufjan hit the stage in his neon outfit has written one which you can read HERE.

And on Sunday we are off to Laneway. We are looking forward to this all day festival as we loved the last one we went too in 2008. Just this time on the old bag check they will be finding a breast pump, still nursing and need it.

Em x
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