Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Weekend

I have had a busy weekend this weekend. I had Chris's work Christmas party on Friday night. So lucky us, we had the night off and stayed down in North Sydney. After drinking maybe a bit too much bubbly, I had a wonderful full nights sleep. Which for any parents can be a rarity, and we also had a sleep in, which we NEVER get. Whilst waiting for Chris, I visited the North Sydney Vinnie's. I spent ages in there but picked up these..
 I got this funky bag for $4 and this awesome cardigan for $10. I am just in love with this cardigan, lovely colours and geometric design.

On Saturday we went to the Finders Keepers market, which is quite possibly my favourite market. It was such a lovely day and as we were by ourselves we enjoyed a lovely breakfast before heading there. I felt so inspired after getting there, as it is full of ridiculously creative and talented designers. If I had the money I could have easily bought something from every stall, but alas I didn't. I did pick up these wonderful prints from Nikki Catalano. I have some of her post cards in Ruby's room, and I was so happy to get some bigger ones to decorate her room. I cant stand all those mass produce bright pink things for girls rooms, these are much prettier and will last through her ages. And of course I had to get another Made by White brooch, and a cute ring.
And today we popped down to the Terrigal car boot sale, and look what I got. I got this brown retro dress which I will turn into a skirt for 20c, this 3 piece jug set for $6, these 3 pillow slips for $2 and these 3 plates for $5. All this for $13.20, I am so pleased. Although I did miss out on an amazing lamp, I turned to show Chris and a lady took it. You have to be quick as it seems.
So I am pretty happy with my weekends haul.
Next putting up the Christmas tree, Yay.
Em xx


  1. what great finds and i love those prints. how adorable.


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