Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Cards

Every Christmas I always make handmade cards for my family. I think giving a handmade card feels like a bit of love and effort has gone into making it and then they don't get thrown away. My Mum has all my cards I have made over the years hanging up in her living room, which is nice. This year as I have been into my crocheting, I have made crochet things for my cards.

  A Christmas tree, I have made a couple of this one.

A wreath, I think this one is my favourite.
A bauble
A beanie with button snow.

It's a wrap, each year I have a theme for my wrapping of gifts. Here are a few I have wrapped, with a whole lot more still to go. I made some felt hearts for the girl presents, as you can see I have a red, white and brown theme for this year. Cheap paper and doilies, and twine and red sticky tape. I love getting creative with wrapping.
Eeek 3 more sleeps, this time of year I have 3 big meals. Christmas Eve is my Great Auntie’s birthday, so big meal at mine, Christmas at my Mum's then Boxing Day at my Dad's. Then resting on the fourth day, but I love it. Happy last minute wrapping.
Em xx

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