Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The quilt so far

My goodness, nearly 2 weeks since I posted last.  We went to Nelson Bay last week for a lovely holiday in the rain, oh well, what can you do. Ruby found coasters in the bottom kitchen draw and the remote controllers so she was as happy as a pig in mud and didn't mind.
 I have been sewing and I have finally sewn all my triangles together. I am going to put smaller squares around the outside, but I think that will be done in the new year. I am pretty happy with it so far, some joins are a bit off so lets not look at it too closely.

 I love the greens and yellow together.
 Some new op shop finds, the purple floral is a double bed sheet and was in a great condition. I cut it in half and gave some to my friend Larissa who loves purple. The 4 pillow slips I picked up for $2, I love the colours.
And I am getting back into the felt, I am making a wreath for Christmas. I haven't made anything for ages.
Stay turned I am going to do so Christmas craft tutorials, well share some ideas anyway. I am making more decorations for my tree this year so I thought I might share them with everyone.

Em xx

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