Monday, November 7, 2011

around the house

Chris's Parents are coming to Australia tonight from the UK, they will be here till the end of the year and will have their first Australian Christmas. So I have been cleaning the house and thought I would take a few photo's before things get messy again.

Ruby's room has been turned into the guest room, and she is now in with us. We borrowed my Dad's spare bed, I think they will enjoy this room. Note the chocolates on the pillow, nice touch.
This is a little crocheted mushroom I made, it now lives in this little ceramic cup as a pin cushion.
Having a taste of freedom, he is a happy mushroom.

This is my sewing area, my craft space, my little retreat area. It is never this tidy so this is the best it will look. This is an old sideboard we found in a storage shed my Uncle had. We had thought this had been thrown away, it used to be at my Nanna's house. I covered the draw with fabric as it wasn't looking too good, it is the best as all the doors lock. Little miss can't get in which makes it nice and safe for storing little things. The middle is a desk which folds out, great for little projects.

This is the best $3.50 I have spent, big plastic button's and a little box which I cut a slit in. Great for posting, it has seriously kept Ruby busy all day.
I found "Make Hey" for $29.95 at Big W, making a start at the crochet bunting.
Finally my Mollie Makes came, they have smaller patterns for the apple I made.
I think I will be busy for a little bit, so might be a break between posts.
Have a lovely week
Em xx

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