Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The week so far

 I have begun cutting out my squares for my new quilt, it is going to be big and for me. I am going to try a triangle design this time with green and yellow floral's and grey linen.
 Found these for $2 each, the stripey one is going to be a skirt for me and the corduroy will be a few dresses I think, there is about 2 meters, good for next winter.
 More crochet, I am happy with the apple. Not sure with the carrot, It was a Mollie Makes pattern but I couldn't quite understand it but I just gave it a go anyway.
 My new peg bag, I am not happy with this either but it is just for the pegs so I don't mind.
 My laundry is beginning to look prettier by the day.
 Always investigate when your child goes very quiet, wipes anyone?

Chris's Mum and Dad are coming in a few weeks from the UK so I thought I best do something about our little back yard. Here is a before and after, we don't use it as it gets no sun and not so safe for Ruby. But in summer it is nice and cool out there so we thought we will use it a bit more this year. Weeds be gone and next we are going to attack it with the old high pressure water cleaner. Cant wait I love those things, love watching the cement change back to its original colour. I might even hang some bunting in the yard to make it a bit special.
Em xx

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