Thursday, October 6, 2011

Re purpose

Another pillow slip that I got last week has been turned into a bag for my wool. I have had these cane handles for ages so I thought I would use them. The pom pom braid came from my mum, she
gave me a box the other day full of old braids and ric rac (score). I thought it was a nice touch to jazz it up a bit.

 Here it is full of wool for my crochet, it is a bit easier to take with me around the house.
 And this is what I have been making, some sunburst circles. It is the pattern from Mollie Makes, although I didn't get that copy after scouring the net I found this pattern and just translated it. I am happy with how it is going, it is what I do whilst watching telly at night.
 Re purpose number 2, I covered an old formula tin with some material. I sewed the edges and stuck it down with double sided tape and then glued the last edge down, simple. Then I crocheted some more balls from this pattern. I made a few and found they are quite easy and quick to knock up.
 I love the coloured ones.
And its purpose, fun for posting and collecting. Also I have old plastic bottle tops inside for different sounds. Ruby is very much into taking things out and putting them back at the moment. And a cheap and easy hand made toy is often the best. The tin didn't have to be covered and any kind of ball and bottle top could be used, even rolled up socks, but I like to make things a bit special and pretty.
Em xx

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