Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick and easy treats

As I have a fussy eater in the form of a 14 month old, I have to get creative with cooking for her. I made these by accident and she loved them more than the original dish I was making. I was filling puff pastry with an egg combination and had more egg left over so put them in the muffin tin and made little frittata's. She didn't eat the pastry ones but loved the egg ones, so I made more the next day. In a 12 mini muffin tin I used 2 eggs, grated cheese, spinach and ham and cooked for 10-15 min's. And Ruby loves them so I'm happy too.
 They are also very easy to eat.
With Mondays heat wave I needed a cold drink. I blended ice, frozen berries and orange juice in the bullet blender and bingo bango, an ice crusher cheap and easy. I have only ever used the blender for Ruby's pureed food and bread crumbs. So I am now thinking of adding a cheeky shot of vodka for the next ones, oh the possibilities.
Em xx

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