Monday, October 31, 2011

Plastic pillow slip Bag

So with being computer less during the day now, I have been sewing more. I began making this on the weekend and finished it yesterday. With all the lovely weather I thought I would make a new day bag for Ruby's bits and bobs on our trips out. I have used more of the pillow slips I bought a little while ago. I also used some of the cotton lace, and an old Dollie with some vintage button's, and of course plastic.
 I love the green material in the middle, it isn't from a pillow slip. It is some of the fabric I am using on my quilt I am working on.
 Pillow slip lining also
Another cheap bag made, I got a bit inspired after watching the documentary "making it handmade" that was on a couple of months ago. I kind of felt bad buying material after watching it, so I went out and found nice materials in bedding in op-shops and so far I have made about 4 things with them.
I think I might have a few Christmas present ideas now after my mum and sister wanted to keep this bag today.
Em xx

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