Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Long Weekend

We wanted to go away for the long weekend but we couldn't find a place to stay and then all of a sudden the weekend was just here, so we made the most of it at home. We were kind of glad we didn't go away as the weather was terrible but we luckily were able to make the most of Saturday before the rain. We went to Newcastle to the Olive Tree markets, they are so lovely and we then spent the rest of the day in Newcastle.
The rest of the weekend consisted of me sewing and Chris watching the Football (the English one) and Ruby walking around like she owns the place.
 I made an apple, I made a pear and a bigger apple but haven't taken a photo of then. I gave this one to my mum.
 Here is my score from the markets and Darby Street. All up it cost me $22, I was quite happy with that. The brooch and necklace is from the markets, the stickers and ring are from Blackbird Corner I am going to put the stickers in Ruby's room. And the Frankie was $2 and the book shop. Can I just say I love Darby Street, it is so funky with great cafes and awesome eclectic shops.
 Sunday night I went out to dinner with some friends. It was one of my friends Birthday so I made her these. I made her a plastic purse and a felt Jeff Martin from the Tea Party (her fave band and singer).
                                                                                                   I used one of my new pillow slips to make a plastic bag caddy. As you can see it has made a nice a tidy difference in my laundry.

Our converse trainers collection that grows. Not sure what the total number of pairs that are in the house, but I think it might be 8.
Em xx
Hope everyone had a nice weekend also.

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