Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fabric Envelope

On Sunday my step brother got married. It was the perfect day and the wedding was at McKell Park at Darling Point with not a cloud in the sky. With most wedding's having wishing wells, I decided to make them a fabric envelope so they could always keep it. I put their names and the date on it.
 Here is the front
 I lined it with a pretty floral and used an old button to close it with
 This is the card I made
 I got the felt out and made Ruby and I some felt flowers for our hair. For the middle of the flowers I used old button's and pearls, mine was on a head band and I made to small flowers on either side of the felt flower with ribbon.
Ruby in her dress and trainers, it looked quite cute, and her pretty shoes kept coming off so I stopped worrying about them and put on the Cons.

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