Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheap handmade Clothes

First of all, please excuse the bad photo's. I have finally made my skirt with the $2 fabric I picked up at the Salvo's the other week. So with the zipper it cost me $3 to make, I made it from this tutorial it is pretty easy to make. I added some white lace under the band when sewing it to the skirt which I quite like. The lace was in a bag with some others I got for 50c, there is loads left.
 I am not one for short skirts, so I made it just the length I wanted it with a bigger hem.
 I didn't sew in the zipper as neat as I would have liked, but I really couldn't be bothered to unpick it and you cant tell much anyway.
 Next up Ruby, I made he some little shorts yesterday. They were meant to have elastic at the bottom of them but when I put them on her they seemed big so I put green bias binding around the bottom instead. These were made from a $2 pillow slip I also bought also the other week.
So cheap clothes for Ruby and I for around $5.
Em xx

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