Friday, October 21, 2011

Bit of this and that

I went to Sydney last week with Ruby, we met Chris for lunch and then we headed off into town. First stop my favourite shop Kinokuniya in the TGV where you can find the most amazing craft books. I have bought a few felt books from there but my new obsession is crochet. We looked around some other shops and spent time in Hyde park, where those big white birds and the black beaks stole Ruby's food from her hand. They are scary and understandably Ruby was freaked right out. It was a nice day but I wont be doing it in a hurry again though.
 Here is the new book
 And here are some things I am making from it. They will be 2 rattles for the our friends twins, due very soon. I have also been getting creative with some iron on transfers for some tops for them.
 My Uncle passed away last year and we have been sorting though everything ever since. It is a very big job and still on going. He lived a bit differently to most people, out in the bush no running water. He had a very cool music collection going on up there and we have brought back a banjo, bass and other bits. This is his old record player, it is quite cool so it is out on show now along with the retro orange set. Along with my little robot collection, it looks quite cool.
I made some play dough for Ruby to play with this morning, we sat outside and played with it as it was so lovely. This was Ruby's first time with it and of course the taste test came, kids will naturally eat this stuff. Even when she spat it out she went in for more. I used the recipe from the cream of tartar box, now I have used this one for years and it is the best. If you are ever put off making it because of the cooking part, my tip is use boiling water and mix it up in a bowl. It works the same as cooking and is soooo much easier. I also used quarter of the recipe as I am making it for one. Worked well.
Have a great weekend
Em xx

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