Friday, September 2, 2011

Waste not, want not

I don't like waste, I never have. I don't like throwing away scrap material unless there is really nothing left of it, but even then I would cut them up and take them to pre-school for my kids to use for collage. So I wanted to make a lining mat for Ruby's stroller.
 This is my off cut box, Ruby loves getting into it and often my craft nook looks like a bomb has gone off after Ruby has been playing up there with me.
 And here is my new lining. I just sewed lots of pieces together until it all was the right size.
 I also used off cuts of batting from quilting and sewed them together to fit, just so it is a bit comfy for Rubes. I also made some loops with velcro to attach it to the stroller.
 And the back is this mushroom material. It is reversible also so if I fancy a change I can. I made big button holes for the straps to go through. This is my new stroller which I bought on the net and had delivered to the UK. It cost about $70 and I love it. I love that it is purple, and I haven't seen any around and especially for that price. I made a sling out of an old bassinet sheet to carry Ruby in to England then brought the stroller back.
I made some coconut biscuits, they are pretty good and super easy to make.
Have a great weekend
Em xx

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  1. You're so clever Emma! I'm always at a quandary as to how scrappy is too 'scrappy' to keep in the scrap pile... and it just overflows... now you've inspired me to do something radical with the 'scraps'... I love your blog!


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