Monday, September 12, 2011


Wow, a whole week without a post. I didn't do much last week in the way of sewing. Let me think we had a 1st birthday party, fun at Terrigal Beach, Father's Day. Chris and I forgot we had booked tickets to see Louis C K and the Opera House. So on Sunday afternoon we went down to Sydney for that, it was nice to have a night out. We are a fan of Louis but I have to say he was very rude, I suppose if you don't mind that kind of humour you would enjoy it.
Ruby enjoyed going to one of those children play centres with Mother's group, I have to say I enjoyed it too. We finally got Foxtel, and I had my eyes tested and need glasses. The 2 go together well as I struggle to see the TV. So unfortunately I have been watching the English soaps that I miss and watching all the cake shows, and the Gypsy wedding show isn't going to watch itself. I don't watch TV during the day, I sew or go out and clean. We got it for the English Football season for Chris, I brought him back from England and he misses his football so now he can watch all the Liverpool games.
 Here is Ruby enjoying the bubbles.
 Since watching Foxtel I have been doing more crocheting, now we have more coasters. So I suppose at least I have been doing something creative.
 So this weekend I have been doing more sewing, and yes more shoes. These are Pip's shoes from Meet me at Mikes, they are a little bit small now for her so I made the pattern a little bit bigger. I also used the soft suede for the soles and put the padding between the layers for extra softness.
 I loved Ruby's shoes so much I thought why don't I make my own. I made the pattern by tracing around my own shoes and creating the pattern like that. They also have the padding and suede on the soles.
And I added some little bows, they are great for around the house and quite comfy. I added some elastic to the back so they don't slip off my feet.
Have a lovely week
Em xx

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