Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer clothes

Another week without posts, well done me. Last weekend I spent Saturday running around Sydney doing the Amazing race, it was for my soon to be sister in laws Hen's. I was so sore afterwards, but we came second and we had loads of fun. And I now wear glasses, not all the time mainly for driving and the TV. It is so nice not to squint all the time and everything is just so crisp, its amazing.
I have decided to try and go the whole summer without buying any new clothes, this is with the exception of underwear and a pair of swimmers (I don't fancy second hand undies thanks). So I will make my clothes or wear op shop finds. So to start the season off I found this dress for $7 at my Salvos. I loved the floral print and the colours in it, after I tried it on Chris said he liked it in a weird way. But it is 100% polyester so I turned it into a skirt.
 This is the dress before
 And here it is as a skirt, I really couldn't be bothered to model it. All I did was cut it off at the waist and sew a new seam and add elastic. It looks nice with a thick brown belt and singlet.
 I am loving the Peter Pan collars at the moment. This is an old black singlet that I had, I made a collar and sewed it onto the singlet and added a cute bow button as a feature. I really love it now, a nice change to an old top. 
 It is my lovely friend Larissa's birthday on Sunday, and the lucky thing has gone to Melbourne for the weekend. So I gave her her present early, I made her a little purse for her crocheting. The pattern is from a project in Sew Darn Cute. I used an old dress I found at the Salvo's, it didn't fit but the material was lovely. I added some matching button's lace and I made a small crochet flower.
I changed the inside by putting a zippered section in. Now she has a crochet caddy for her crocheting on her daily commute to Sydney. I think I might make myself one now. 

And finally little miss at Terrigal Beach. The weather is getting warmer and Ruby now loves the sand. She is also beginning to walk, slowly but she hasn't perfected the safe fall yet. At the moment she just falls backwards, so we have to walk behind her.
Have a lovely weekend
Em xx

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