Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Op shop things

Yesterday I went to another Salvo's and was so happy to find some great floral things. I don't often find nice floral prints, but everywhere I turned yesterday I found another one.
The 2 pillow cases were $2 each, but the massive bed sheet was also $2. So I was very happy with it, and it has great colours.

 These 2 cute purses I found stuffed at the back of the bags and they were $1 each. Never can you have enough little purses.
 I love Christmas and I am looking forward to it more this year as Ruby is going to be older and will enjoy it more. I found these yesterday at the shops, I really could have done with them when it was Ruby's Birthday party last month. And yes, Christmas stuff is already out in the shops.
 Here is Ruby in her cot, I have her new Hankie quilt in there now and she has my cot sheets from when I was a baby. ( if you have noticed Ruby has 2 dummies, this isn't the norm I have no idea where she found the other one).
Lastly, a cup of tea and some Turkish Delight.
Em xx

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  1. Aren't Op Shops brilliant! You've created such a unique little world out of op shop finds. I love those little Reindeer too - they remind me of when I was little, and the Golden Book stories. Must find some for chrissy decorations this year. :o)


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