Thursday, September 15, 2011


I thought I would share with you my new babysitter, Gotye, yes that's right Gotye. I was a fan of the song and was listening to it on youtube one day and Ruby became transfixed with it. Now Ruby has never taken an interest to the TV, the only time she looks at it is if there is a song on that she can move to. This is quite often in the form of a jingle, the opening credits to the news or The Mighty Boosh when they crimp.
She loves music and loves it when Chris plays the guitar to her and she can have a good old dance. But this video clip is quite possibly the best thing ever. In the evening when I am getting the dinner ready I play it twice for her. I then have 8 min's to cut up veggies and prepare some food. Whilst it's on Ruby will just sit and watch it so carefully, she dances when the music gets louder and it is very cute to watch. It captivates her like the piped Piper, when I was moving the laptop she began trying to hum the song and began clapping wanting me to put it on. Even when you sing the song for her she loves it. I think it sounds a bit like twinkle twinkle little star, and she loves that song.
So if you have a little one get them in front of the computer and see if they have the same response to it as my Ruby.

                                                                           Em xx


  1. My 4yo daughter loves singing along to this song in the car :) cool film clip, hadn't seen it til you posted, cheers

  2. I got totally addicted to his last album, especially Hearts a Mess. Love it when the little ones fall for a grown up song - will have to try this out on the 2 year old. I like his sad songs the best - raw. 2 year old likes 'who let the dogs out' only she sings frogs.

  3. Yes the 2 year old loved it and was totally entranced, she also like the Kimbra one that came on next. She didn't like the Hearts a Mess film clip - too scary - she doesn't like spiders.

  4. Glad to see other little ones are enjoying Gotye. I just love the dancing that Ruby does to it. I have found she loves the song "Lets go surfing" by the drums, I really think it is all about the beat behind the song that gets them going.


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