Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I have been up to

Well it is Ruby's first birthday next Tuesday and I am having a little party for my family and a few close friends to celebrate this Saturday. I have decided to go for a theme and its going to be a Woodland Theme. I have always wanted to do a candy table so I am going to give it a red hot go. I have been on the look out for woodland inspired things, but I am finding it hard as we don't get much of that stuff here. I have made some things and found some treasures at the Salvo's.
 Look how cute this deer is, I am going to make it a red bow I think. It is actually quite heavy, it may live in the garden after the party.
 How cool is this moose head, I love it. Great find.
 Now we have 2!
 Made some more mushrooms.
 Found these cute frames in the reject shop, so I put in some material that I bought a while ago.
I wanted some little mushrooms to decorate some small things with. I love the cotton spun mushrooms, but didn't have time for them to be delivered from overseas, so I bought some air dry clay and made my own. Next to get some paint and they should look good.
Will show you how it turns out next week.
Em xx

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