Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ruby new shoes

We finally got some new ink for the printer on the weekend. When we first got it I went a bit printer crazy, and printed extra cute pics I found on the net and loads of photos of Ruby. This time I will be a bit better  with how much I print. So Ruby is at that age that she wants to be walking, and I love little shoes and have bought her a few pairs as who cant resist little shoes when you have a baby? They are all very nice but when your little one starts walking they shouldn't wear shoes as it affects how they walk and don't learn to use all the right muscles in their little feet (can you tell I used to work with babies). So after making a little pair a short time ago here, I thought I should make some more. They are perfect as they protect their feet whilst out but also let their feet move how they are meant to. So I printed out the pattern and got sewing. I will just say, Ruby cant walk yet she wants to, she REALLY wants to, lets just say we have sore backs.
 I used some of my material I bought on the weekend and made a pair of Mary Jane shoes from a tutorial I found here. It has different sizes for different ages which is great. I made the biggest size, they are a tad bit big but as they are more for summer I think they will fit fine in a month.
 I changed the pattern slightly by using a soft fake suede for the sole. Also I put a little bit of quilting padding between they lining and the sole for a little extra comfort.
 Watch out she is ready to walk, too cute.
 Ahhh yes as all good children do, take their shoes off.
And a quick bit of crochet for the morning, a new coaster for my cup of tea. I think more will be made so I have  a set. I love to crochet but I am not sure if I have the patience to make a blanket.
What another lovely day, hope you all enjoy it.
Em xx


  1. Those little shoes look so cute and I love the crochet coaster for your cup of tea, you've reminded me I must do some more crochet. Have a great weekend Emma.

  2. they are so adorable. how clever. lovely to meet you! visiting via ivy nest. have a happy weekend.


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