Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Change Trousers

A while ago I found on a couple of Blogs these trousers from a craft book called Handmade Beginnings. My man was buying some things from Amazon so I put my order in. Well, I have had such a bad time with my mail lately and 6 parcels seemed to have just vanished. But on Tuesday 2 of them finally turned up and one of them was our Amazon order. So I whipped up the quick change trousers, they are so cute and easy to make. I pretty much cut out the pattern and sewed them altogether in the time Ruby had her morning sleep.
 Here she is threatening to walk. I made the pattern for 18 months, just so we can get more wear out of them.
I made them in the same colours as her little shoes I made. Actually I have made a few things with these two fabrics, we are very matching now.
I am going to make some more things from this book. I have spent this afternoon sewing together a cushion also from the book, I will post it soon. Ruby spent the time scooting around my sewing area making a mess with all my off cuts. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.
Em xx


  1. These are really lovely. I've made this pattern many times - they are so versatile and get lot's of compliments out and about.

  2. I know, they are very cute and handy. I saw them on your Blog and Retro Mummy, I have made Pip's ones heaps but these are great as they are like two pairs in one.


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