Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh my god.....look what I found

You may or may not know, but I used to live in London for a few years. I loved it, with so much to see and so much going on. We would be still living there now, however that changed when I fell pregnant. We went back this year for a holiday and had a great time, but we also saw how hard it would have been living with a baby in London. Anyway there was so many things I fell in love with and one of the products I discovered and fell in love with is Rice, which are colourful melamine kitchen wares and I have bought a few things seen here. So I was a bit annoyed to find out about this

Now it isn't because I dont like it, it is actually the opposite. It is a fabulous looking shop and is located in one of my favourite spots in London seen here. The annoying part is that it has opened AFTER we came back home, if only it opened when I was over there I would have been the happiest girl ever. The shop is located in Neils Yard in Convent Garden, the colours of Neils Yard  really compliments the colourful Rice shop. ( It is also a fave spot as it is where my man Chris and I met each other again after meeting in Oz, but that is another story)
So all I can do is watch this video and wish I was there, next time, next time I will go.
Em xx

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