Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello Thursday

What a lovely morning, the highlight so far is that my towels will get dry. Oh how my life has changed since becoming a mum. Chris rings me up every day from work and asks how my day has been, well I cleaned the shower and put the washing away. But I do enjoy being a mum, the hard part at the moment is a fussy eater in the form of a 12 month old girl. I made some veggie muffins with ham and cheese yesterday, mini ones for Ruby and big ones for us. So far we have had success, they are very good.
 I might add that I made 12 mini muffins, I ate 6 in a moment of weakness.
 I bought these shoes on our UK holiday, I just love them.
 Yesterday my copy of Mollie Makes arrived. I had it delivered to my mum's, after all my missing mail I didn't want to take any chances (so far 4 are still missing). Ruby has been flicking through it more than me, there are some great little projects inside to make.
 A little while ago I posted a headband I made for Rubes, so I made some more. As I have said before when I pull my finger out, I will get my market up and running.
 Last Friday my friend and I went to the Craft and Sew fair in Newcastle. I bought some more material to go with some that I bought a while ago. I hope to make a triangle quilt, and make it bigger to fit a big bed not just a cot.
And I bought this robot material, some friends are having twin boys. So I thought I might make a big nappy purse with it.
And this weekend it is the Mathilda's Market, and I finally can go. It is one of those markets that when ever they are on I cant go. And after reading Retromummy's last post of $3 fat quarters, how could I say no?

Enjoy the sun today
Em xx

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  1. The headbands look fab all together! (yay, I can finally leave comments again!) xxx


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