Friday, July 22, 2011

When it rains, get sewing

This weather of late is terrible, some days I just cant be bothered to leave the house as it is just constant rain. So I have been doing a spot of sewing.
 I made Ruby another skirt, I used a mixture of red designs. I love red and I thought this can be worn in Summer and Winter with a pair of tights. I think she looks a bit cute in it.
 For Ruby's birthday soon I want to give her party a woodland theme. So I made a big mushroom, I also made a small one and it is also a little house. I haven't finished it yet so here is the big one. I want to make more now, but what purpose will they serve after being used as party decorations? I really enjoy making them too.

Now after making so many felt cakes, I decided to try a fabric one. I gave it to Ruby and she just tried to remove the strawberry, maybe when she is older she will enjoy them more.
Em xx

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