Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a quick post

I love to Blog now I am not working and being a full time Mum. As my profession before being a Mum was a Pre-school teacher, you could see why I am in no rush to go back in to the work force. Although I am wanting to study again and become a "Visual Merchandiser", but in the mean time I am making things and blogging them. 
After starting to Blog, my man Chris (who is a Data Analyst and hates his job with a passion) decided to start Blogging too. Like me he is creative, but with writing and music ( hence our growing musical instrument collection). We both love an op shop and whilst in London we used to play a game, we still do. Without hesitation we are off to see who can win. It isn't as fun when I am by myself, but I still find myself playing the game and letting Ruby know instead. The game is "Spot the Da Vinci Code".
As I mentioned Chris has a Blog, and he has written about our game, I found it funny when I read it and thought I would share it with you.
His Blog is called "My name is Spod"
please enjoy
Em xx

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