Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello Hereford

Whilst in the UK we spent most of our time in Hereford, as it is where my lovely man is from. We stayed with his family and they all got to see Little Ruby for the first time. I love England and love Hereford, I took some photo's of my favourite parts of Hereford. It is like many of the other towns in the UK, with the usual high street shops and they all kind of begin to look the same. But Hereford has a little treasure that is Church St. It is a little lane off the high st and has all the cute little shops that are to me unique to Hereford.
 I love the cobbled road and it leads down to the Cathedral which can be seen at the back here.
 I love this, you don't find this anymore. Most fresh produce are found at the big chain stores, so it is nice to see old fashioned ways of selling fresh goods.
 I love this shop called Hunky Dorey it is new and the first time I have seen it. It has loads of children's toys and goods. Just too cute.
 Now this is my favourite shop, its Berry Red. If you love wooden toys for kids, products by Kath Kidtson, Rob Ryan, Rice, and Orla Kiely and many more this is the shop for you. I could quite possibly buy everything in this shop. I just love how colourful it is and the variety of just beautiful products. I did buy a few things, but I managed to control myself.
 This is a photo of the children's section.
Here is my man Chris playing with some of the cutest musical instruments. I am sure from the pic's you can see why I LOVE this shop.
 With all the chain coffee shops with pre-packaged sandwiches that you find all over England, it was lovely to find this lovely sandwich shop, Number 10.
 Inside I fell in love with the way it was furnished.
 How can you not love a cafe which has stools like this, I need these mushroom stools in my house. Not want, need!
 My coffee came in an old mug with a miss matched saucer, and our sandwiches on pastel coloured plates.
This is a little lane off Church St, it has a wool shop, 2 quilt shops and a cute cafe.
So these have been a few shots of Hereford, hopefully we will be back in a couple of years.
Em xx

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