Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday number 33

That time of the year came around for me on Sunday, yes I turned 33! Since my last birthday I have become a mum, moved into a house, went back to the UK and the time has just flown by. It is also been a year since I have been Blogging, which is pretty cool for me. I am also happy to say I have finally bought a car. It hasn't been easy with a new bub and walking everywhere and getting the bus, and my mum has done a lot for me with her car. So it is nice to have some freedom, but it was kind of good walking as I lost all my baby weight and about another 10kgs, so cant complain there.

I went to Newcastle on Saturday and to Mexican that night with some friends, then on Sunday we had breakfast at Harrisons in Terrigal. If you come up to the coast you have to go there, lovely breakfasts. And it was such a lovely hot day for winter, it was lovely.
Here are a couple of things I got for my Birthday.
 My mum collects knitting books like I do felt books. She bought the Donna Wilson "Odd Bunch" a while ago, so she finally made me the Fox, how good is it, I love it. My mum is so clever with the knitting, growing up she knitted us lots of toys. So this is my grown up knitted toy.
 On Saturday I drove up to Newcastle with Chris and Ruby and we went to Darby Street, my favourite place. I love it there as there are loads of different shops which sell unique things that you don't find at the shopping centres. My favourite is Blackbird Corner, I got these post cards from a Brisbane designer Courtney Brims, I love woodland animals and just couldn't resist them. I also got a Fox brooch (keeping with the theme) from Little Shop, and after going on the Web site I could be buying more soon.
This is me and Ruby, with fist lodged in mouth. I am wearing the fox brooch. I just thought I would pop a picture of me on so you could put face to the blog.
Em xx

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