Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day, very exciting. We had a lovely day and we had lunch at my Mum's house. I thought I would share my Mother's Day goodies. Who would have thought Ruby at 9 months would know what Mummy likes. I got this very sweet broach and earrings from Made by White which is just an all time fave of mine. And these very cute owl salt and pepper shakers. Didn't do too bad really, yay for Dad.
I have got a few more op shop delights but haven't taken photos. But one was a princess highway mustard knitted dress for $7. It had a small stain which came out and I love it. The right colour for the winter season.

Well I am packing now, I am quite surprised with how little I am packing for nearly 4 weeks away. It is packing for Ruby which is taking me forever. Babies come with so much stuff, and what to pack for on board the plane, food water etc. Anyway we are off to England tomorrow and I am looking forward to doing some shopping. We are off to a friends wedding and seeing all the family grand parents and even great grand parents for Ruby. Cross fingers for the plane ride, I hate the flight in general and with a baby in the mix now makes it a bit worse. But we will see how we go, just think positive. So my posts might be minimal or even nothing, but it will just mean I am having a great time. See you in 4 weeks.
Em xx

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