Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vintage finds

My Uncle passed away last year and our family has been clearing out his property. It is a massive task and I hadn't been able to help much due to little Ruby, and it being so far away in the bush. I have now been able to go up and my mum and I have been having a good rummage around whilst clearing everything out. There are many things from when my Mum was growing up and things from my Nanna's house. We also found he had a storage shed with many delights from my Nanna's house. I took one piece of furniture which is now my craft station. So many lovely old pieces of furniture have been found, and here are some of the little things I took.

I love this mirror, its very heavy and I think was at some stage attached to something. There were lots of saucers and this lovely Japanese sugar pot and saucers. There was also a tall teapot which I have yet to bring back, I just love the orange. And one of the best finds BUTTON'S. I cleaned them all and now they are ready to use.

I love the oldness about them, and there is even some cuff links and a pink thimble in amongst the buttons.

These are my favourite saucers.

I bought this today, as it is very similar to another plate mum gave me, it is a lovely platter.

This is my absolute favourite find, at an op shop yesterday I found this bunny vase. How can you not go past this for $3. It is great for Easter and it goes well with my other little white animals.

I do like a good op shop to find something special. And I do also like a rummage through an old shed to find little bits of special to re love in amongst all the dirt and dust.

Em xx


  1. Oh Emma, I LOOOOVE the bunny vase, am a wee bit jealous lol! And all those old buttons have so much character. xx

  2. What lovely vintage finds you have there. Especially loving the white animals. I found my first one yesterday.


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