Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Nappy Wallet

I have been making more things for Ruby this week, no surprises there. I made a new nappy purse with the plastic on the outside and lined it with plastic from a throw away tablecloth. I also made a change mat with plastic on one side and lined with some padding for comfort. But I have an unfortunate secret....... the mat doesn't fit into the purse. I was very upset with myself, but then looked on the positive side, I have a toiletry bag to take to the UK with me next month. I will have to get a new zip, a bit bigger this time.
Here they are together, i even made them matching with the red stars and red floral. Luckily I just love it.

This is the mat, and it folds up nice and neat (just not into the purse).

At 8 months now, Ruby now has a new game.... lets throw everything out of the pram. I just give her a dummy when she goes off to sleep, but I made her one of these more so it doesn't get thrown over the side of the pram. I also used it yesterday for her toys, I clip the clip to the pram and attach the toy to the Velcro loop.

I made another one purely for the toys. It has a sew together loop so I can put one of those circle rings through it and attach it to the pram, and the other end has a Velcro loop to attach the toy to, as seen above. I also put some elastic in this one.

Here it is hanging off the pram. I try not to be so gender specific so I used my robot material. And in the pram I made a seat cover with this very cute car material.

And if you are wondering what pram I have, its a Combi Well Comfort. I have to say, I rate it very highly and was the best buy. It is small and fits into small cars and into shops and buses with no problems. I have used it since birth and I love it. It is only 4kgs, but I am not taking it to the UK as I am afraid it will get trashed if I have to check it in. So I am shopping around for an umbrella stroller for the trip.

Em xx

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