Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I LOVE Felt books

It has to be said, I love felt and felt books. My obsession started whilst doing my Child Care Diploma and we had to make a felt piece to go with a song. I chose "Three blind mice", I was fresh out of high school and after doing art throughout and looking back at some of the things I did, I had macabre tendencies in some of my work. It nearly came through with my felt piece, but I had to stop myself from putting blood dripping from the old ladies carving knife. But the mice did have a snazzy pair of sun glasses and white canes as they were blind, and detachable tails for when they were to be cut off.
I was proud of my work and set out making many felt board stories which I still use to this day. I had to cull down my felt puppets, but donated them to Pre-schools I worked at. Whilst in England the kids loved my "Wombat Stew" felt story, and was proud they were learning the Aussie animals through my work. When I find them I will post them on.
So I thought that I would show you my books. Mainly because 2 of them I have been waiting for and the postman just popped them at my door. Very Excited, and one of them I bought on the weekend. Enjoy.

This book started me off, I found it at a little book shop in Putney. I have made lots of the little creatures from it.

This is my favourite as it got me into making cakes and sweets.

My dear friend Larissa gave me this for Christmas. It is pretty damn cute.

This is the one I got on the weekend. It is all in Japanese but I get the gist of how to make the things. It is from Kinokuniya in the TGV in Sydney, quite possibly my favourite book shop. They had loads of felt books, It was hard to choose just one.

And these babies came this morning, gasp, cup of Tea and a good look through will be had now. I love Amazon, but I don't like that they have made Borders close.

Em xx

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