Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plastic Purses

I am such a big fan of small cute purses. I find they have many uses and I have maybe too many, so I probably shouldn't have learnt how to make plastic covered ones. I made one to start with and then I made another one. I used my new material and they look more professional now. I worked out to sew in the plastic without it sticking to the presser foot. I want to use my new skills to make more and even line them with a waterproof fabric to use as a wash bag. And make better nappy purses.

These are the first 2 purses I made, I am very happy with them.

For my third one I got more creative and added the measuring tape ribbon and slipped some button's in between the plastic and material before I sewed it up.

Here they all are, I am sure this collection will get bigger soon.
Em xx

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