Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Things

I have been making a few things this week as I have discovered that an early morning rise means getting more done. You would think that being a mum with a 7 month old, sleep isn't something I get a lot of, well I am now. Most nights 8 hours all the way through, Ruby wakes at about 6:30 for a feed then goes back to sleep for 1 and a half hours. Now this is when I am get up and do boring house stuff, so by the time her next morning sleep comes BINGO, I can start to sew or paint a chair knowing that the washing is already done.
I am in the middle of painting a chair yellow, I will post it when I am done. These are some things I have made.

It will have to be said I didn't make this. I found a pattern in one of my mum's Knitting books and asked here to knit me one. So far I have worn it as a broach, but i might make it into a necklace also.

The new plastic purse, I bought a none stick foot for the sewing machine which works a treat! I made some more of my mini bunting to decorate this one with.

I had lots of squares left over from other quilts, so I made a cushion cover and Ruby uses it whilst on the ground. The green one was from some Ikea fabric I got a while ago. It had lots of blocks in it, I already made 2 cushion covers with it and now a cute little one. I love the deers in it.
Keep on sewing
Em xx

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