Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm a little Teapot

I have always wanted to make a fabric teapot, so after searching around the Internet I decided on this design. It is basically a ball with extras added, but I don't like the cup and saucer. I used loads of my off cuts of my materials, and I think they look lovely together. I have also added some other pics of some of my favourite things

I got super organised with my materials and ironed them all and put some in this box. I even ironed all my off cuts and put them in another box. I just thought I better take a photo of it as I am sure it wont be this tidy and organised again.

I love cute and funky brooches and I keep them on this little wooden tree, I love it and thought I would share it. Many of them are from Made by White who just have the cutest things, and I have just seen on their blog they are going to have new things soon. Pay pal may strike again.

I first discovered Belle & Boo at Paperchase whilst in London. I bought a whole lot of the post cards and have used them in decorating Ruby's room. Whilst searching Lark at Christmas I found myself putting the mirror's and badges in the cart. But I did give the mirrors to people for Christmas.

Lastly we have Lazy Oaf, one winters day in London I found the Lazy oaf shop in Kingsley Court in Carnaby Street. From then on I always had to go in, and I always found just too many cute things. Here are a couple of things, they have the best badges. I got the red riding hood ones and the note book and also a T shirt before Christmas. It may be a problem when I head back in May.

So here you have some of my favourite things.

Em xx

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  1. Fantastic Emma, LOVE your style! Am also liking the new patchwork with the red/Blue combo :)


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