Friday, February 4, 2011

Material Girl

Pay Pal strikes again! I was innocently browsing the Kelani site then 2 days later these fabrics turned up at my house. I am trying to make some boy stuff so I got the Robot and car fabrics for some things, not sure what. I think more nappy purses would be good as I got some more comments on mine in the parents room at Erina Fair. I have made 7 more but need to attach the buttons.
The mushrooms I found at Spotlight the other day and I was quite impressed with it, I am in the midst of cutting out 4" squares to make a new quilt so I will use it for the backing and it was only $9.95 m.
I think I need to post more often as I have been a bit slack of late, but I have been busy. I made a little pup, the pattern was in a calender my mum got me and he is just too cute.

Who could not resist pigs and mushrooms and little bambi's?

I thought it would be nice if he had a picnic and a cup of tea.

Off to Laneway on Sunday, lets hope this heat cools slightly and its a nice day.
Em xx

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  1. This is wonderful Emma - your creativity has no bounds. Love reading your blog. x


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