Wednesday, February 9, 2011


On Sunday we went to Laneway at the Sydney College of the Arts. I was so relieved that the weather finally cooled down and I didn't have to worry about getting major sunburn. This was the first time we have been to this venue as last time we were in amongst the buildings of Sydney. It has to said it is a great place to hold it and it had a great relaxed vibe. Although we did start feeling a bit old with all the cool cats about in short shorts and so many boating shoes! but we didn't care, we got our icy cold Bulmers and headed to see "Local Natives" first. They are a favourite of mine and they didn't disappoint. The only problem I had was the set was too short. We saw "Beach House" next but I will use the word "saw" loosely, I didn't see anything but it sounded great.
We were luck enough to get right down the front for "Ariel Pink" and "Deer Hunter". I am a bit of a fan of Ariel Pink now, I loved the outfits and the way he danced about the stage in a pair of black clogs and sensible grey socks and a cute gold headband.

Here are the Local Natives

Ariel Pink, clogs not in view

Deer Hunter although none of them really looked like they wanted to be there with the drummer declaring he hated "Memory Boy"and didn't want to do it. But it filled in the last 5 mins of their set which is why they did it.
We left after them as we had to get home to our little Ruby. We have nothing coming up now, oh well. A great day was had, and my feet were incredibly dirty.
Emm xx

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