Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nappy Purse

Before Ruby was born I was on a sewing spree and I whipped myself up a nappy purse. One side you can put nappies, disposable changing pad and nappy sacks and the other a nappy wipe case. It is so handy to just whip out a small wallet which I keep in the bottom of the pram or I can fit it in my handbag, than carry a big nappy bag. Well all the mum's at mothers group love it, so for my secret Santa present for one of the boys I made his mum one which she was so happy about and everyone wished they had me! So I think I will make some more for the other mum's for a small price of course. You have to love a sale at Spotlight and they had quilting fabrics at half price, so naturally I bought loads so I can make lots more with.

The changing pad is sitting on a tree stump Ottoman which we got Ruby for Christmas, more for when she gets older.
Em xx

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Cards

Here are the Christmas cards I made for family, using button's. I have just colour coded them into jars which look great on display. The other is a little birthday card I also made

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.
Em xx

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Felt Gingerbread House

Finally, it's finished! Why I decide to take on a big felt challenge is beyond me. I think it's a great idea until I find myself living in a house full of coloured felt bits and pieces everywhere. Thankfully I have a new craft station which is the best thing and can be locked up when I am not using it, which will be great when gasp, Ruby starts walking. I have made it so I can remove the lid and put all my Christmas decorations in it when the festive season is over. I have cheated and I haven't done the back, you cant see it and it would have taken too long. Well I hope you like it.

I think that will be it now for Christmas. I might make some more puddings, oh and I have to make some cards but then that's it. Actually I am making Ruby a Christmas dress for Christmas day, but then that's it and on with other things in a new year.
My new years resolution is to finally do a craft stall and open an Etsy account, so look out for it, but lets get the rest of this year out of the way for now.
Merry Christmas and a safe new year to all.
Em xxx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chocolate Christmas Puddings

I was searching the net and found these great chocolate Christmas puddings which I thought I would make. I made them for my mother's group Christmas party and thought I would share them.

*Dark chocolate Royals
*White chocolate buttons
*Mint leaves
How to make:
Cut the mint leaves into smaller sizes. Melt the white chocolate. Now I did this first in a Bain-Marie and then put the melted chocolate in a piping bag. This didn't work and I found the chocolate started going hard in the piping bag. I then melted it in the microwave and made a piping bag with some Glad bake, and it worked great.
Squeeze the chocolate over the top of the biscuit, wait a bit for it to start cooling then put a mint leaf and jaffa on the top and cool in fridge.
Too easy, now enjoy.
Em xx

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree

I have finally decorated my tree, well I did it last week but my little lovely hasn't been allowing me to do much lately. Most of the decorations I made, with an owl, bird and mushroom theme. I have some other decorations on it that I have collected from overseas and some coloured balls. I am not one for tinsel, but I just have to have fairy lights.

The Gingerbread house is almost complete, and I have made a few other little projects I will post soon. Merry Christmas
Em xx

Friday, December 3, 2010

Finders Keepers Markets

I have been waiting so long for the Finders Keepers markets and they are on tonight and tomorrow. Not there tonight but tomorrow I shall be. I am just so excited, I have missed them since been away. I have taken money out and I am ready to spend it.
Em xx

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas table

As it is the first of December I feel its time to start decorating for Christmas. I have started with a small side table and I have gone for a not so traditional look, my inspiration was a Santa's workshop feel. I have used loads of things including my little robot collection, some old beautiful crockery taken from mum's , twigs, felt toys and some great stuff from good old Big W. I am very keen to decorate this year, as we haven't seemed to be anywhere permanent for the past 4 years. We always seem to be ending a lease and changing the country we live in. The last bit of Christmas decorating was a small silver tree sat on a cockroach infested fridge in a dodgy hostel in Hammersmith, aah good times. But now I have a little baby and feel she has to have her first Christmas in a decorated house, although she is only 4 months and will really have no idea. Here are some photos.

Here is a full shot of the Christmas table.

Here is the mini Christmas bunting I made. My motto is "waste not want not", I made it from all my off cuts of material. I always keep off cuts of anything, when I was working in pre-schools I remember taking coloured paper out of the bin asking why it was put there. In the end I made an off cut draw for me, we had the prettiest artwork thanks to me cutting out hearts and stars and other shapes.

Big W has some great stuff this year and really cheap. I loved these little Russian dolls for $3, and the mushroom decorations are also just so cute. I have everything sat on a Christmas mini quilt my mum made, and at the back is a knitted penguin she also made.

Instead of a Santa's sack, I have an old fashioned boot I made. Inside is a little Russian doll I also made.

I don't know why I haven't posted this before, but here is "the Dude" Lebowski. I made him a while a go, he has been on this table since we moved in so I kept him there for Christmas.
So happy decorating, I will have more to show when my tree is up. I am also working on a Gingerbread house, bet you cant guess what its made of?!
Em xx

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