Friday, November 12, 2010

Felt Guitar

It has been a while in between posts of late, this is due to Ruby dropping her 3, 3 hour day sleeps to about 1, 1 hour sleep. So my free time has been taken up with my lovely. But I have finally finished my latest project of my mans Takamine Guitar, made entirely of felt. I have shown it off on a bed of gig tickets he has been to over the years.

Here is the real one next to the felt one, it took a while to make but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
I finally purchased a sewing machine, so now I am going to be doing some more sewing and coming up with my next felt project, maybe a felt record player with an ipod docker in it.
I also have got Corel draw installed and have found a great font site to keep me busy. I have also been told I am doing all my sisters wedding invites etc, and she doesn't really know what she wants. I have too many ideas of what to do, including a felt bouquet.
Watch this space as I am looking forward to using all my new tools to create some lovely wedding things now.
Em xx

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